The Great Depression

The impact of the Great Depression on the people.

       The Great Depression had many affects on the people. These included the Dust Bowl, Economic Troubles, The Bank Busts, etc. These hardships made life worse than it already was for some families. On this page, I will explain more about what the above tragedies were and how they affected people.

The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl (Otherwise known as the "Dirty Thirties") was a time of very severe and tragic dust storms that swept through American prairie lands from 1930 to 1936. The Dust Bowl, in my opinion, was one of the events in the Great Depression that affected people the most, for many reasons. First, It made a lot of people sick and even killed people. Then, the people who didn't have the money to care for their sick children or relatives couldn't help them so they later died. Another reason the Dust Bowl was horrific was farmers and their crops. Farmers did not prosper during the Great Depression. In fact, they were the only group that did not prosper. So, their lives were very hard as it was trying to make a living growing plants and crops. The Dust Bowl didn't help. When the Dust Bowl swept over farmer's fields, it killed all plants and crops and made the soil non-fertile. So, no crops or plants could be planted there again. The farmers were forced to move, so they could find the land to grow their crops & plants.

Economic & Financial Troubles

As we all know, one of the most severe problems in the Great Depression was financial and economic difficulties for millions of americans in the 1930's. Millions of people who were living comfortably, went jobless in a matter of hours. People lost their belongings, their prosperity, their faith, and their dignity. People who had their money in a bank did not have a bright future ahead of them.
The Stock Market Crash of 1929 happened on a tuesday, which is now known as "Black Tuesday," or the "Great Crash." This was one of the most devastating, horrific, and tragic things that had ever happened to the United States of America. People didn't know where to turn. Some committed and contemplated suicide. It's ironic that the 1920s A.K.A the "Roaring Twenties," was one of the most booming wealth times in America. M
Many had to turn to completely up and leaving their homes in search of a new place that they could call home and try to live their with what they had left.

The Bank Busts

This was a common problem that sparked even more economic troubles during the Great Depression. What happened was that one person (All it took was one person) would get frightened by the stock market. Sell their stocks, and go intro their bank and take all their money. If this particular person was wealthy. The bank would be run dry, because that one person would start a chain reaction. More people would witness what is happening and do the same. Sell their stocks and take their money out of the bank. This cause the banks to have no more money left. Therefore, the other people who wanted to take their money out of the bank couldn't... simply because there was no more money to be had, so they went broke. This happened to banks all across the country. That and the dust bowl didn't help matters.